Windshield Cracks – Should I use my insurance?

Cracked Windshield

It happens so fast. A chip in your windshield that goes unnoticed or unattended… crack! An instant line forms across your windshield in wild fashion. And half the time it seems like… it is right at eye level. A friend of mine just called me the other day about this. He had a chip in the glass that wasn’t seen from the inside. One day he is driving down the highway and he gets a long crack in the glass. He called me to ask if he should claim it on his insurance. Here is my advice about that:  As a general rule we don’t recommend making small claims on your policy since they could affect your premium but since the chip has spread and can’t be treated to keep it from worsening to a crack then the windshield needs to be replaced.  Comprehensive coverage (if you vehicle has that coverage) is what would cover a new windshield.  The comprehensive coverage is subject to a deductible that is usually $500 or $1000.  Most windshields cost less than your deductible so we recommend that you call an auto glass company to get a price before you report a claim to your insurance company.   If the new windshield is substantially over your deductible and you do report a claim to your insurance company most companies have a special glass claim unit that will handle the claim so do not have the windshield replaced until the claim has been approved by the adjuster.

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