Thinking about using your own car as a taxi?


Are you (like a lot of people) thinking about using your car as a taxi to earn extra money? I have been selling insurance for over 30 years and every auto insurance policy I have ever read (which is not very exciting to do) has an exclusion in it that is worded something like this “there is no coverage provided by this policy if your insured vehicle is being used to deliver persons or property for a fee” (so yes this exclusion would also apply to delivering pizza for example). Even if the company you might be thinking about driving for tells you that they have a policy that covers you while using your car to transport people my guess is that if your own insurance company finds out that you are using your vehicle in that manor they would possibly cancel your policy. Please check with your agent before making the decision as to whether or not to use your car as a taxi. In my opinion it is a VERY bad idea.

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